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1)        In Plain Sight
(a)        Discovery Channel episode - Lost Civilizations –the Incas.   
(b)        National Geographic Magazine – Article -- Reviving Inca Waterways By  Claudia Willis -- Sep. 28, 1981

2)        A Bent Piece of Metal
(a)        The information initially came from a Columbia University article on Khan and his tactics.  
(b)        An additional article by Morris Rossabi from Natural History Magazine and
(c)        an additional item by the Society for Creative Anachronism on stirrups and riding added additional depth.

3)        Appomattox
(a)        Personal Memoirs: Ulysses S. Grant (Modern Library War) -- by Ulysses S. Grant, Geoffrey Perret (Introduction)
(b)        Cigars, Whiskey and Winning : Leadership Lessons from General Ulysses S. Grant by Al Kaltman (Paperback - April 4, 2000)
(c) -- eyewitness accounts of the day.

4)        Pesky Decisions
(a)        IUPAC DDT case study – Duffas and Worth, 2001.
(b)        U.S. Army case study on DDT and environment

5)        Hanna’s Dangerous Mission
(a)        Archive files of Hanna Reisch testimony to US Govt. interrogators 8 October 1945.  
Relevant text found at:  

6)        Setting the Pace
(a)        The Painter's Practice: How Artists Lived and Worked in Traditional China (Bampton Lectures in America) by James Cahill
(b)        The Cambridge History of China: Volume 7, The Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644, Part 1 (The Cambridge History of China)
    by Frederick W. Mote (Editor), et al (Hardcover - February 26, 1988)
(c)        Fu Shan's World : The Transformation of Chinese Calligraphy in the Seventeenth Century
    (Harvard East Asian Monographs) by Qianshen Bai (Hardcover - June 30, 2003)

7)        Sovereign Discernment
(a)        Oxford bible commentary
(b)        Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible Hardcover by Matthew Henry

8)        A Real Steal
(a)        Images of American Political History. Posting online by Dr. William J. Ball.

9)        On A Roll
(a)        The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.  2001-05. entry on Cleopatra/Julius Caesar.

10)        Sign of a Foothold
(a)        Kasson, John F. "Amusing the Million: Coney Island at the Turn of the Century." New York: Hill &Wang, 1978.
(b)        George C. Tilyou--Developer of the Contemporary Amusement Park.(Coney Island Steeplechase Park) :
   An article from: Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly [HTML] by Robert C. Ford, Ady Milman (Digital - August 1, 2000)

11)        14 Cows
(a)        Personally contacted office of Secretary of State, African Affairs Division, East African States Division, U.S. Embassy – Kenya.  
(b)        Originally special report aired on ABC TV news when it occurred in 2002.   Most of the information obtained from that report.
(c)        Relevant stories exist in the newspaper archives of the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, New York Times and the BBC.  
    All were used in conjunction with these two stories. Reference: June,  2003 on all media. Search: Enoosaen
(h)        Story is found on website of the United States Ambassador to Kenya. (i)      

12)        Better Than His Word
Charles Dickens – “A Christmas Carol” can be found in any good old bookstore in any good old city in this good old world.

13)        Power of Presumption
(a)        The Good Man of Nanking: The Diaries of John Rabe   Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1998
(b)        There are numerous quality reports by museums and universities that can be read online regarding Mr. Rabe.

14)        Silently Speaking Volumes
(a)        Harvest (Gang members, drug addicts, mental patients, society's rejects...Chuck Smith's amazing story of Calvary Chapel
    and the unlikely leaders God called.) by Chuck Smith and Tal Brooke (Author) (Hardcover - 1987)

15)        The Merchant of Death
(a)        Alfred Nobel: Inventive Thinker (Great Life Stories) -- by Tristan Boyer Binns; Library Binding
(b)        Alfred Nobel : A Biography -- by Kenne Fant;
(c)        Remarkable Story of Alfred Nobel & the Nobel Prize by Lars-Ake Skagegard, George Varcoe (Translator)
    (Hardcover - December 2000)

16)        All the Way to the Top
(a)        The Emmy-winning “Farther Than the Eye Can See” about blind climber Erik Weinmeyer’s summit of Everest along with
his book “Touching the Top of the World”.  There are numerous archived news reports about the climb.

17)        Leading by Example
(a)        An Autobiography of George Washington
by Edith Ellis, Caroline Myss (Foreword) (Paperback - June 1, 2006)
(b)        George Washington : The Founding Father (Eminent Lives) -- by Paul Johnson;

18)        Object of Limitless Possibilities
(a) –
(b) -

19)        Hail the Conquering Hero
(a)        My Life and Ethiopia's Progress: The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie I (Volume 1) (My Life and Ethiopia's Progress)        
     -- by Haile I. Sellassie;
(b)        Ethiopia at Bay: A Personal Account of the Haile Selassie Years by John H. Spencer 2006
(c)        Haile Sellassie I: The Formative Years 1892-1936 (Haile Selassie) by Harold G. Marcus

20)        Won’t Get Fooled Again
(a)        Ann Moyal, Platypus: The Extraordinary Story of How a Curious Creature Baffled the World. Allen & Unwin. 2002.
(b)        Ritvo, Harriet . The Platypus and the Mermaid: and Other Figments of the Classifying Imagination. Harvard University Press. 1997.  
(c)        Museum of Hoaxes

21)        Fighting Words
(a)        World War I: "The War to End Wars" (American War Series) by Zachary Kent
(b)        The First World War -- by Hew Strachan

22)        Obvious Intent
(d)        The Black Stork : Eugenics and the Death of "Defective" Babies in American Medicine and Motion Pictures Since 1915
    by Martin S. Pernick (Paperback - July 22, 1999)

23)        Height of Fame
(a)        Haunted Places: The National Directory by Dennis William Hauck (1996)
(b)        Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger (1975)
(c)        Hollywood & The Supernatural by Brad & Sherry Steiger
(d)        Hollywood’s Unsolved Mysteries by John Austen (1970)

24)        Sign of the Times
(a)        The story of the Owl in the K-Mart sign received widespread news copy.  Many of those reports can still be found in major
    newspaper archives from 2000.  Additional information at
(c)        ttp://

25)        Leftover Rewards
(a)        (Polish) Zygmunt Gloger (1900). Geografia historyczna ziem dawnej Polski, Kraków: Spółka Wydawnicza Polska.
    ISBN 8321408834. Markman Ellis (2004),
      The Coffee House: a cultural history, Weidenfeld & Nicholson  

26)        The Impossible Possible
(a)        Gibson, Walter. "Houdini's Escapes & Magic." New York: Blue Ribbon Books Inc, 1930.
(b)        Gresham, William. "Houdini: The Man Who Walked Through Walls." New York: Henry Holt and Co, 1959.
(c)        Henning, Doug and Charles Reynolds. "Houdini: His Legend and His Magic." New York: Times Books, 1977.
(d)        Brandon, Ruth. "The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini." London: Secker & Warburg, 1993.
(e)        Christopher, Milbourne. "Houdini: The Untold Story." New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1969.

27)        Demand and Supply
(a)        Mastering the "Art of War": Zhuge Liang's and Liu Ji's Commentaries on the Classic by Sun Tzu  Zhuge Liang, Liu Ji, Thomas Cleary
(d)        Three Kingdoms: Chinese Classics (Classic Novel in 4-Volumes) by Luo Guanzhong and Moss Roberts
(e)        Zhuge Liang bin shu "Xin shu" xin bian yi ping by Kun Zhang (Unknown Binding - 1991)
(f)        Zhuge Liang yu jing ying zhi hui (Qi ye yu jing ying xi lie) by Qianping Liu (Unknown Binding - 1994)

28)        How You Say It
(a)        Memories and impressions of Helena Modjeska; an autobiography. by Helena, Modjeska (Hardcover - January 1910)
(b)        American debut;: Source materials on the first appearance of the Polish actress Helena Modjeska on the American stage,
    including letters and dispatches ... Sienkiewicz (Books and things. New ser) (Books and things. New ser)
    by Henryk Sienkiewicz (Author) Cherry Hill Books (January 1, 1965)

Note: In the eastern foothills of Southern California’s Orange County can be found a beautiful, lush, secluded place called Modjeska Canyon.  
Helena’s beautiful home she had built and lived in from 1888 until 1906 is still here.  She named it  Arden, after the mythical forest in
Shakespeare’s play, “As You Like It”.  The hillsides and home still entertain her admirers, now 100 years later as a museum, open to the
public, continuing to reflect the beauty and charm of its legendary resident.   Even 25 years after her death, Anaheim, a city she had only
visited on occasion, dedicated a larger than life size stature in her memory.  It stands there today. Keep in mind this woman remained at the
pinnacle of her craft for 40 years in an age without any modern recording or communication devices – no electricity, radio, TV, disc players,
phonographs, movies…nothing.  Keep in mind that travel was nigh impossible.  A train across the U.S. could take a week.  A stagecoach
could take several weeks.  No autos and no paved roads. Ships took a month to travel to Europe. No Aircraft.  And one always needed to be
in the best theaters and in front of the crowds, live, every evening to remain in the limelight.

29)        Sequoia Secrets
(c) –
(d) -

30)        Posthumous Hero
(a)        The Man Who Never Was: World War II's Boldest Counter-Intelligence Operation by Ewen Montagu (Paperback - Mar 2001)
(b)        The Man Who Never Was by Clifton Webb, Gloria Grahame, Robert Flemyng, and Josephine Griffin

31)        The Right Word
(a)        Bernard Shaw by Eric Bentley, George Bernard Shaw (Paperback - May 1, 2002)
(b)        The Last Laugh (Bernard Shaw) by George Bernard Shaw (Hardcover - March 23, 1993)
(c)        Table Talk of G.B.S.: Conversations on Things in General Between Bernard Shaw and His Biographer
    (George Bernard Shaw No 92) by Bernard Shaw, Archibald Henderson (Library Binding - May 1974)

32)        Monstrous Opportunity
(a)        Boris Karloff: A Gentleman's Life -- by Scott A. Nollen
(b)        Dear Boris : The Life of William Henry Pratt A.K.A. Boris Karloff -- by Marian Anderson
(c)        Boris Karloff : The Man Remembered -- by Gordon B. Shriver

33)           Unforeseen Circumstance
(a) 75 ad
(b)        Ides of March -- Jennifer Vernon – Article for National Geographic News --March 12, 2004  
(i) Caesar's biographer Caius Suetonius Tranquillus (c.70-c.135),
(c)        Life of Caesar - Plutarch (45-120 CE)
(d)        Cicero - Letters to Atticus
(e)        Cambridge Ancient History, volume IX of the second edition (1994), 'The last age of the Roman Republic',
    edited by J.A. Crook, A. Lintott and E. Rawson.

34)        Contents of the Lunch Bucket

35)        Take Note
(a)        Jim McLeish, NASA Public Relations Officer, first learned of this incident directly from Buzz Aldrin during quarantine
    following the mission. He related it to Paul Fisher.  
(b)        Both NASA and the Fisher Space Pen web sites relate the story in detail. Quotes and time stamps listed in story are
    from the Apollo 11 mission journal.

36)        Working the Bugs Out
(a)        Marshall, Logan, The Story of the Panama Canal, L.T. Meyers, 1913
(b)        McCullough, David, The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal,1870-1914, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1977
(c)        Panama Canal Commission, Gaillard Cut Widening Program, 1996
(d)        Vogel, Thomas T. Jr., Drought Leaves Panama Canal in Dire Straits, The Wall Street Journal  4-24-1998

37)        Center of Attention
(a)        1911 Encyclopædia Britannica / French Painters
(c)        MacGregor, Neil. Tradition & Revolution in French Art 1700-1880: Paintings & Drawings from Lille. London:
    National Gallery Publications Ltd., 1993.

38)        Sleeping Dragon
(a)        Mastering the "Art of War": Zhuge Liang's and Liu Ji's Commentaries on the Classic by Sun Tzu  Zhuge Liang, Liu Ji, Thomas Cleary
(d)        Three Kingdoms: Chinese Classics (Classic Novel in 4-Volumes) by Luo Guanzhong and Moss Roberts
(e)        Zhuge Liang bin shu "Xin shu" xin bian yi ping by Kun Zhang (Unknown Binding - 1991)
(f)        Zhuge Liang yu jing ying zhi hui (Qi ye yu jing ying xi lie) by Qianping Liu (Unknown Binding - 1994)

39)        Sermon Walking
(a)        Various newspaper accounts of his historic cross country train trip are available.

40)        Blank Pages
(a)        A History Channel/ Discovery Channel documentary on the Black Plague recounts the diary of Brother Clynn.  
    Transcripts are available from those sources.

41)        Windows of Remembrance
(a)        ABC-TV – News report from February, 2000 on the installation of the windows.
(b)        From the original French translation: Reprinted from " the Released Progress of Oise ", 24 February 1945.
    "Le Progrès Libéré de l’Oise", 24 February 1945.
(c)  -- Review of the story
(d) letter quoting
(e)        BBC TV news piece regarding the installation of the windows in 2000.
42)        And the Aftermath

(a)        The author was a journalism student at CSULB during the installation of Mr. Van Sant’s piece.  I conducted the student newspaper
interviews regarding the ‘intrusive’ work of art.  Mr. Van Sant was personally contacted and interviewed about this story and the piece in 2005.
This is one story I can personally verify as true.  I am the reference.
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