Scott Ringwelski
(Scott Ski)
Portfolio Part 1
Recent Projects

One thing possibly more disdained than
taxes are lawyers. How does on build a new
image for them?

SoCal Probate Lawyers asked me to do just
that. These are people who deal with the
estates of dead people and the bickering
heirs who tear each other asunder to get
hold of such cherished items as grandma's
spoon collection or dad's '69 Pontiac

The principle had two books that he had
been lingering over for four years, but never
finished. In six weeks I finished his books,
edited, made covers and got them ready to
publish. I also created two new books for

Additionally, I helped build a new name
and image, a new website, two blog sites
and kept them all updated daily. They are
now known as "the Legacy Lawyers" and
are on a growth cycle.

I am now consulting for the firm and
contribute daily blogs and news. If the firm
expands, I may extend my role with them.