Scott Ringwelski
(Scott Ski)
Portfolio Part 2
Projects from
2011 and 2013

One thing possibly more disdained than taxes
are lawyers. How does on build a new image for

SoCal Probate Lawyers asked me to do just that.
These are people who deal with the estates of
dead people and the bickering heirs who tear
each other asunder to get hold of such cherished
items as grandma's spoon collection or dad's '69
Pontiac LeMans.

The principle had two books that he had been
lingering over for four years, but never finished.
In six weeks I finished his books, edited, made
covers and got them ready to publish. I also
created two new books for him.

Additionally, I helped build a new name and
image, a new website, two blog sites and kept
them all updated daily. They are now known as
"the Legacy Lawyers" and are on a growth

I am now consulting for the firm and contribute
daily blogs and news. If the firm expands, I may
extend my role with them.

Bisnar Chase
Newport Beach Mass Tort Law Firm

For Bisnar Chase, I served the marketing
department authoring over 250 content landing
pages in a matter of weeks. I also crafted press
releases, blogs and spend many hours
brainstorming ways to defeat the Google
analytics matrix.

I soon parted with the firm, but they retained
me to ghost write books for the two principals as
shown to the right.