Scott Ringwelski (Scott Ski)
Portfolio Part 1

Due to band width use, this portfolio addresses only part of the past projects.  In
part 2 there are discussions of "in progress" and projects to be accomplished in the
foreseeable future.

Here in part 1, there are links to websites and content created over the last year. ,
along with innovative elements introduced to enhance goals and situations.
Online sources:
In 2010 my concentration was focused on three
main sites listed below. A quick check of them
in March, 2011 reveals that little has changed on
any of them. Most of the content and design
work remains intact.

The verbiage on the Dennis/Cohesive sites and
80% of the content on the Synergy site derive
from my authorship. The two books listed on
the Dennis site were both conceived, written,
edited, designed, formatted and published by me.

All presentations, blogs, content, webinars,
books, tweets newsletters, and advertisements
for Cohesive and Karla Dennis were designed by

The interesting element of Synergy is that over
the yearlong period I wrote for them, I only met
them one time. Everything was handled online.
Karla Dennis Blogsite

Synergy Restuarant
OC Business Journal Ad 1
Outstanding Women in
Business Nomination
OC Business Journal Ad 2
Business Journal Advertorial 1
Business Journal Advertorial 2

Design is not just a graphic. Campaigns are
created with a design...a finished purpose.

Marketing Director for Cohesive   my
job was to take the CEO and "make her a

For Cohesive, there are links to newsletters,
twitter feeds, ad pieces and more.

The first step in this process is creating the desired image. As such, I direct your attention
to the
transformation pictures to the right
since it set up the basis for the rest of her
upswing to prominence.

Status and Awards
Much of the work for Karla Dennis was designed to move her to a national
spotlight. Here on the far right are links to
my nomination of her for Outstanding
Women in Business, an advertorial
ghosted for her that appeared in the OC
Business Journal, full page ads
congratulating her on the nomination.
Although she did not win the award, the
powerful boost attained from this strong
and innovative showing quickly ramped
her to regional media attention.

Within five months, the wave of blogs,
webinars, public presentations, radio
interviews, blogs, tweets, newsletters and
other nominations brought her into sharp
focus with national media. And yes, the
brace of new taxes on the horizon gave
Karla endless audiences and plenty of
potent material to speak on.

Images of the two books I ghosted
and published for her (and gained
widespread online distribution) are
shown on this page. Both are available
through online booksellers.

The monthly webinars and quarterly
live presentations I designed and
scripted for Karla are available upon
request as they are too large for the
bandwidth here.

Print elements such as monthly
newsletters, email correspondence,
event lists, ads, magazine articles, and
other print materials are linked below
for your scrutiny.
Sample Client Business plan  
produced for
Synergy Consultants
Tax preparation newsletter sample
With Synergy
my task
was to fill their site with
content, write their blogs,
and in the end, craft
business plans for clients.

In this segment
of my portfolio, I
include links to a
sample of
project pieces
that convey the
spectrum and
scope of the
work achieved
for this firm.
Radio Show Interview Correspondence
Cohesive Newsletter sample 1
Cohesive Newsletter sample 2
Sample innovative blog
Sample Major Magazine Article
Sample list of events planned by me for Ms. Dennis
Sample Synergy Newsletter