Got A Book Inside You?
Got A Story you are Bursting to Tell?
Got Something Important to Say?

Write a Book and Get it Published
We all want to write a book and see it in print.  However, with all the Print on
Demand companies out there, who can one trust?  After some very
expensive experiences with companies that were making fifteen times
more than I was on my book, I created my own company -- Panache.

Chances are, if you are here, you have spoken to me and sought me out for
your venture.  So, here are the costs, plain and simple:

Set up: $375.
Includes overall formatting, front and back cover along with spine,
graphics, interior set up and formatting, ISBN number and a proof copy.  

Cost of each book after publication is essentially 3 cents per page. Simple
and direct.  That means if you have a 200 page book, your cost is $6.  You
can charge whatever you want, but that is your cost.  No percentages of
cover price, no bulk purchases, nothing but the basics.  If you have a
project that anticipates sales into the tens of thousands, I can provide an
even better breakdown price and delivery.  Please go and compare.  I know
you will come right back here.

Your book will be listed on every online source and can be ordered from
anyplace and through every physical book store.  This is a one man
operation and there is no I can offer the best for far less.

Additional elements:
Editing -- The books are WYSIWYG -- What you see is what you get.  Every
flaw will be there to see.  Best Advice -- Get a good editor before you ever
submit your manuscript. It will cost you, but will be well worth it.
Yes, I do editing.  And yes, it does cost.  I hold a nationally accredited
degree in journalism.  Please contact me if you want a quote.  But, whether
or not you use me, be sure to have your book edited!

Ghostwriting -- Editing and ghosting are two different things.  In editing, I
correct for grammar and syntax to insure your book reads correctly in
English.  I will not write it for you.  In ghosting, I WILL write it for you, in your
own voice.  And it will be edited.  As you might imagine, this is a very
expensive proposition, but consider that all the best sellers by famous
people were ghosted.  None was written by the person whose picture and
name appear on the cover.  Once again, contact me for a quote.

Websites -- I can obtain a domain name and create a website for you.  It can
include emails and blogsites and a paypal account for sales.  Cost
depends on complexity. Contact me for details.