Ordering InCite takes just two easy steps:

1. On the list below find the number of books you wish to order. Note the
Total in the right column which includes shipping and handling.

2. Press the Pay Pal key right next to number of books you want to
order.  You will be taken to the Pay Pal site.  You do not need a Pay Pal
account to make a purchase.  Select the number of books you want to
purchase and the system automatically tallies the price.  Don't forget to
put in your name and address.  Send the funds and your books will be
sent shortly...all signed by the author.  Only one delivery address please.
Ordering InCite
copies $7.95 ea
plus $2.50 shipping for each book.
1 book $7.95                                       $10.45
2 books @ $7.95  = $15.90              $20.90
3 books @ $7.95 =  $23.85              $31.35
4 books @ $7.95 =  $31.80              $31.80

Additional bonus: There is NO SALES TAX.
All orders will be shipped book rate  media
mail.  Multiple book orders must all go to a
single address.  
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