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Scott Ski -
The Guest To Get
When You Really Need
To Get a Guest

Need a ‘go to’ guy for occasional, frequent or
even regular radio or TV guest spots? Seeking
a fellow with panache to energize and inform the
audience in subjects and ways you never
dreamed of?

Be it issues about
motivation and inspiration or
pet topics in the news, Scott Ski makes it a

Scott Ski is a highly entertaining, energetic,
evocative and well versed speaker covering a
unique range of topics. Scott immediately
engages an audience with wit, logic and unique
aspects on myriad issues.  The everyman’s
expert, Scott deals in life affirming concepts,
dealing with human nature and the rest of
nature, too.  Using basic facts and  pragmatism,
Scott makes common sense of it all.

A former Communications Officer for a $48
million Internet Service, Scott’s daunting task
was to motivate and educate 124,000 young,
self important, short attention span driven, trivia
enthralled, independent sales representatives…
and do it every week.  How he did it will
fascinate your audience.

Scott's passion is animal rescue.  Having
devoted over a dozen years to it, he has saved
hundreds of dogs and cats, finding them good
homes. His experiences are chronicled in his
Dogged and Determined.  For the last
seven years the book has served a variety of
rescue organizations and shelters, providing an
educational and fund raising source.

Scott’s new book,
InCite, is used in university
classes for developing Critical Thinking Skills
and remains highly popular in Germany with
psychiatric doctors who recommend it widely to
patients dealing with self esteem and
depression issues.  Scott's goal with the book is
no less than trying to place one in every VA
hospital room and every facility for veterans as
well as in the hands of every soldier stationed in
a current war zone.

Scott is available for your radio station to speak
with passion and panache on a variety of
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Scott's latest

Genghis Khan, The
Great Houdini, Giant
Sequoias, demented
lizards, African cows,
a teenage princess,
Julius Caesar, Mount
Everest, Frankenstein’
s monster, the duck
billed platypus, the
first moon landing, a
lunch bucket and
airlifted cats. As
diverse as these are,
there exists an
astounding common
thread running
through them
all…and it all relates
to you. Each
represents unique
and intriguing issues
in adversity and
obstacles that were
turned into advantage
and opportunity.  
These and a host of
other people, places
and events offer
InCite… stories that
awaken and stir you
to take action in your
Scott Ski
Inspiring Wordsmith
Engaging Speaker
Scott Ski's
Personal blog:
"Out of My Mind"
This Week's
InCite Story
Taz Adventure
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Sample Thoughts

"I Think…"
Those are possibly the two most frightening words to a
society seeking to sway us to blindly accept,
automatically act, and make prime decisions based on
gut feeling. The solution is to spur Perspective, Thought,
and Inquisitiveness.


The Truth Will Set You Free.
Truth is always there. However, it is our knowledge of
the truth makes a difference in how we act and react to
issues in life. If truth is veiled or hidden or counterfeited,
we have to develop tools...a way to think, to be
inquisitive, to obtain perspective, to weigh facts, to
separate logic from emotion.  You may not like the truth
when if comes up since it may not agree with your
opinion.  However, the truth still will set you free in
many ways.


Why Be Angry? Is It Progressive?
We live in a society of advertising and marketing that
seeks to control what we hear, say, do, feel and think.
Often this continuous bombardment coerces to the point
that we do not understand truth in reality, but only see it
dimly through a filter of agenda, slant and bias.  Think
of the topics that get you "unreasonably"mad as you
can be. Is that anger logical or pure emotion put there
by others?


Vicious Dogs
Every generation has its own breed of 'vicious' dog to
condemn.  Over the years we have railed against German
Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Akitas, Chows, and
now Pit Bulls.  Considering the number of breeds is
finite, eventually we will be excoriating the brutality of  
teacup poodles...


Question Authority!
To question authority does not mean ‘challenge’…it
means inquire and check the facts, and return with a real
and honest solution, not automatically bombast
mindlessly against it   InCite was written to help inspire
and develop those tools of thought and inquiry.  

All quotes by Scott Ski from on air interviews
Scott's Classic
Misadventures in
Animal Rescue

Dogged and
Look into a world where
the simple teach the wise
and tears mix with
laughter.  Observe how
frustration can bring
fulfillment.  Glimpse into
the unique personality
and significance that
every person, pet and
place owns. Join a wild
stream of adventures
where every moment may
find mirth, inspiration and
new experiences in
self-discovery.  Come and

Volume 2 of Dogged
is coming soon!

And remember, all profits from
Dogged books go directly to
Animal Rescue efforts.

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Although Scott has limited availability for radio and
television interviews, he is not generally conducting  
interviews at this time.

He is currently co-authoring several books for Donna
Krech of Thin and Healthy's Total Solution
and Dr. Richard Petty.

"Take a Load Off Your Mind" will be a new book
co-authored by Donna Krech and Scott Ski that explores
weight loss via motivation and thought rather than
concentration of food.

Dr. Petty's phenomenal book "Healing, Meaning and
Purspose" will be re-worked by Scott and the Good
Doctor into a breezier tome for the average reader to
enjoy.  The new title is pending.

Scott is also working with several major collectors of
carousel artifacts to create a major exhibition and
permanent , world class collection for a national museum.
Photos will be available soon!
Scott's Blog Sites

“InCite has made
contributions for
discussion, curiosity
and animated
dialogue. Quite simply,
InCite gets my
students to think about
topics in new and
innovative ways.”

—Dr. Cheryl Lentz.
Professor, University
of Phoenix