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Scott speaks on issues relating motivational issues, current and historical events,
animal issues, carousels and amusement parks.
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Who is this Guy?
Scott Ringwelski, is perhaps better known by his pen name of Scott Ski.  His book
on animal rescue, "Dogged and Determined"  remains popular with dog lovers and
animal rescue organizations worldwide.  Scott's motivational book, "InCite" was
first published in Germany by psychologists seeking a tome to boost the self esteem
of depression patients.  It became very popular with housewives across the country.
Also available domestically, there are five publishers in four countries seeking rights.
Both Dogged and InCite are series, with at least two more volumes of each planned.

A life long resident of Long Beach, Scott has lived in the downtown urban core for
25 years. He has served three times as President of Willmore City Heritage
Association. Most locals remember him as the memorable operator of the historic
1906 Charles Looff Carousel in Shoreline Village during its last four years of
operations in the city.

Scott served as Communications Officer for a $48 million Internet service company
based on a network marketing platform. His unenviable job there was to motivate
and inspire 124,000 self important young sales representatives every week.  He also
wrote CEO speeches, assembled the newsletter, branded and marketed new products,
orchestrated major events and major venues every quarter and gained several
prestigous awards for the firm.

In over the last two years, Scott has served at Marketing Director for a Tax
Strategies firm and an Orange Country Probate Attorney. He completely rebranded
them, ghost wrote books, contributed full web content, webinars, live presentations,
and more. The tax firm was awarded "Small Business of the Year" at the end of his
term there.

As a wordsmith and engaging public speaker, Scott writes content and blogs for a
nationally renowned restaurant consulting firm.  He ghostwrites for an elite clientele
and is a frequent radio talk show guest.

Scott taught courses on creative writing and public speaking for the California State
University, Long Beach extension program OLLI.

For the last four years, Scott has portrayed an honorary corpse at the Annual
Cemetery Tour hosted by the Historical Society of Long Beach.  Scott received
numerous media kudos for his narratives.

Having worked in technology ranging from antique carousels to tablet computers
and a $48 million Internet service, Scott knows a wide range of business and is an
expert in motivation and inspiration of students and work forces.

Scott is working with a private collector to set up a new carousel museuem and is in
the process of assisting them with the donation of a $20 million collection of
carousel antiquities.

Scott continues to write prolifically, with nearly 700 short stories to his credit in the
InCite and TAZ Adventures genre. TAZ Adventures boasted a weekly global Internet
audience in excess of 10,000.  Scott has been involved in animal rescue for over a
fifteen years.

Scott Ringwelski holds a nationally accredited degree in broadcast journalism from
California State University, Long Beach, and subsequent coursework in business
from Biola University, education from Talbot Theological Seminary, scriptwriting
from UCLA, and certification in technical and creative writing from California State
University, Dominguez Hills.