Next to crude oil,
coffee is the most valuable
and most coveted commodity
on the planet.

Why aren’t you growing it
in mass production?
the world believes coffee can only be grown within a thin band of arid and tropical environments; largely inhospitable
places in terms of access, political climate, and the whims of nature.

Brazil, source of 40% of global coffee supply is suffering ruinous drought and coffee rust disease, now affecting 54%
of all coffee globally. Vietnam, with 20% of the world’s coffee market, is rapidly destroying its own environment and will
cease to be a major coffee exporter within the next decade.

With resources dwindling and population exploding, demand increasing, regulation tariffs rising, and space
exhausted, the key to survival is indoor industrial coffee production – a totally controlled environment with constant
ideal weather conditions, minimal water needs, and enhance systems to grow and harvest in multiples.

Coffee in America is a $5 Billion Industry. Two dozen 250K sq. ft warehouses can be placed anywhere and produce
10 times the harvest in
one 16th of the space and it
90% reduction in costs and resources

specialized lighting results and healthier plants, more uniform produce and more frequent harvests yes you can be
the leading edge and technology to produce mass crops faster more frequently and with greater robust nature to
accomplish it far more economically interested? Intrigued? Contact me today

with the continued drought and disease in Brazil coffee retail prices are expected to rise 58% in the quality of the
product will be far lower than in average years
All Natural Coffee Production
Real American Coffee -- Produced and Processed Entirely in the United States