The Plan

There are several parallel tracks that should about the same speed and intensity as the project comes

This is not simply an old merry go round. This is a major historic landmark that is coming home to
where it was constructed. That community has the ability to fuel a national and global push to make this
carousel a centerpiece that will capture the imagination and create an elan so powerful the ride will
earn the title "The World's Greatest Carousel."

Even while under restoration, this ride will generate immense attention. It is highly visual and very
historic in nature. It crosses all age, economic, social and cultural elements. The marketing potential is
so vast this ride will make more money simply sitting still than it will in motion. It will generate a global
fan base, a merchandising empire, extensive media coverage, a high demand for high profile events,
become a 'must see' attraction in Southern California, and even spawn a TV series.

  • The initial track is to craft a full series of on line shows that build up the fame of the ride and then
    follow its progression as it comes home. The entire community will be lining up to have a part in
    the restoration with exhibitions, and shows detailing each step and phase in the process. Notable
    and stars will be invited to participate in various aspects of the restoration, or contribute to have
    their name connected to it.

  • Track two is the ride itself. Having obtained it, crated it and getting it shipped, the facilities where
    the restoration takes place will be prepped and ready...with full media equipment to record all the
    details. The facility will also have access so the public can actually visit and vicariously
    participate and purchase merchandise.

  • Track three is the environs. The plan is to obtain a long term lease for Harry Barnes Park...a
    small facility off the bow of the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The ride would beckon from across
    the bay to the people on shore at the hot spots of Long Beach. The ride would be separated
    from the crowds since much of the time it will be booked for private events. Part of track three is
    getting the architects, construction, engineering, legal situations, and other logistics set. In
    addition, a bid for a portion of the Queen Mary parking lot across the street would be made to
    build and place Lourinda Bray's collection as a working museum and site for travel exhibitions.

There are a great many details to be addressed, but the essentials are these three:
  • Marketing and Media from the get-go to build the excitement and anticipation, then keep the
    interest high as the ride builds its fame.
  • The obtaining and restoration of the carousel itself. Each segment is worthy of attention and can
    generate major interest on a variety of levels. Once the ride opens, the calendar will fill with
  • The physical plant for the ride, including building, landscaping, back office, operations, and
    much more.

The General Costs:
A breakdown of the general costs can be supplied.
Obtaining the ride: $500K to $700K.
Transportation to the U.S. $500K
Full Restoration including set up and Military Band Organ -- $1,125,000
Building and environs-- $1,500,000.

Generated estimated gross income: $1,050,000 - $2,000,000 annually.
Operations estimated cost: $500,000
Net profits annually: $500,000  - $1.500,000

Contact me for a full presentation and to answer any questions.

Scott Ringwelski