Imagine –
•        A single project item that may creatively and potentially generate $1 Million in gross revenue with a possible  
$500K annually for police and fire use -- without raising taxes
•        An entity that will offer educational opportunities to explore business, art, engineering, mathematics,
chemistry, science, history, literature, design, music, architecture and social studies – from elementary
up through University.
•        A unique, elegant and distinctive site for events of all kinds.
•        A totally new income stream
•        A stunning shoreline icon that will be instantly recognizable as “Long Beach” and within a year will become
globally renowned.
•        A piece of history that will equal and eclipse the Queen Mary as a symbol for the city.
•        An local Historic entity restored to Long Beach that holds great significance for the city and state.
•        A chance to make San Francisco extremely envious of Long Beach.
•        An icon that generates multi-millions of dollars in media coverage annually.
•        Reinforces Long Beach as a Tourist Destination
•        A demonstration of Long Beach innovation: intelligently utilizing and prospering from the same
resources and elements that other cities like San Francisco and New York bury in bureaucracy and debt.
•        A chance for widely diverse elements of the city to come together for a cause.

Using the Past as Prologue -- History becomes the key to the Future
~A Heart for Our Past and Future ~
Use Your Imagination:
Imagine how the Looff carousel would look across from the city
and near the Queen Mary, using these pictures of Janes
Carousel in Brooklyn as a guide. Imagine a much larger,
elaborate and innovative set that is more cost effective and
generates tremendously more income...a must see attraction for
anyone in Southern California.