Lost with the carousels of the Golden Age, was the ability
to promote and operate them successfully. These rides
made fortunes in the past.

However, once obtained by modern amusement parks and
municipalities, they turned into White Elephants, burdened
by rules, regulations and uncaring hands.

Major cities like San Francisco and New York City own
several carousels. All of them are in generally fair
condition and all are consummate loss leaders.

This is the other area where the Looff Carousel can
absolutely shine. There are only three machines that
reach a modicum of their potential:

Jane's Carousel -- at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge
makes about 60% of what it is truly capable of bringing in.
It possesses unrealized potential with seasonal operations
and foreshortened hours.

Griffith Park, Los Angeles. -- This 1927 Spillman ride is the
star of numerous TV shows each year. It makes more
money standing still than it does running.

Santa Monica Pier -- Looff's last project is as popular
today as it was a century ago. The little PTC carousel in
the hippodrome building today hosts a dozen birthday
parties each week. That brings in substantial funds.

However, the city imposes such high fees for the use of the
ride, that it no long is sought for film and TV.
A True Public/Private Partnership
It is a plan and the potential for Displaying:
•        Leadership
•        Vision
•        Culture
•        History
•        Values
•        Unity through Diversity
•        A Legacy for all involved with it.
•        New venues for securing revenue without taxation

An Icon of Global Status that will Define Long Beach for
Generations to come.  
By the numbers:
(based on:
Shoreline Village Looff Carousel 1984 – 1989 –
Avg. 350K annually @ $1
Janes Carousel – 2013 350K @ $2.
                                 subject to weather in NYC.
Projected: 350K @ $2. (all adult riders – one price
tix) 2016 steady income, but subject to massive
350,000 annually = $700,000

Birthday parties
SM – 24 parties monthly, 290 annually, 20 kids
average at $30 ea.
Janes – 200 parties at same equation= 120K
100 annually / $300 per / $30,000

Janes - 850 for 30 minutes during ops hours only.
$15K (Private affairs are $1800
SM requires after hours (3 hours minimum rental)
with additional special permits and fees added on.
100 annually -- $100,000

Events @ $1K hourly min 3 hours
Potential --

TV/Film/Photo shoots
$1K hourly – min 3 hours
Daily $8K. potential.

20 annually -- potential

Potential for over $1 Million
Annually in ridership and events.
A Heart for Success
Measuring the Potential of the Legacy Carousel

Generating Millions of Dollars in Free
Media Promotion.

Becoming the Most Famous Carousel in
the World via the Internet

Various Cruise Lines potential
sponsorship and use with their ships.

A New Tourism Destination for Southern

Events -- Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate
gatherings, Society gatherings.