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The Last Great Carousel

It was specially created for one of the most extraordinary
events of the early 20th Century -- The 1915 World's Fair
in San Francisco.

Built by one of the most renowned carousel builders with
figures carved by a legendary artisan, the most expensive
carousel ever built up to that time, was assembled in Long

Touted in the Long Beach and San Francisco papers as
one of the largest and most elaborate merry go rounds
ever created, this 20 ton machine was built to carry 20 tons
of riders. NO, this was not built for children!

The fanciest carousels of the period sold for $9,800. This
creation was valued at $25,000 and coupled with a $5,000
Ruth band organ from Germany. The average house cost
about $5,000.

This ride was specifically requested and created for the
1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition in San
Francisco, One of the Great World’s Fairs of that Age.

The city created 630 acres of landfill in the bay to
accommodate it...now known as the Marina District.

The Fair hosted 18,870,000 visitors in just Nine
Months…Right in the middle of the First World War! And
the weather was lousy most of the time: Cold, foggy and

The Looff carousel was placed in the amusement zone,
nearly half a mile away from the main, "real", events and

Even so, it brought in $58,000...in dimes...meaning that
over half a million people rode in just nine months. And it
competed with dozens of other
amusements in the area.

This carousel, with its history and the ability to publicize it
via social media, placed in a high profile spot in Long
Beach, holds the potential of being the most popular, most
famous, most profitable.. in short, the greatest carousel in
the world.

It is capable of a sustained regional, national and
international fame. It can generate revenues consistently
over $1 million per year and possibly double that.

It will become a symbol of success. The carousel and its
images will be renowned and universally recognized as
icons of enterprise, spirit, America.
A Universally Beloved Icon

Who can "not like" a carousel?