Dogged and
Above is the New Cover featuring
Tres and CWNN . The original
cover featuring the ice blue eyed
TAZ is below.  The new Dogged
books, coming out in November, will
freature 39 stories each in three
separate books.  The original
Dogged book features 78 classic
stories. It is currently available at
any book outlet.
Dogged and
The Taz Adventures
By Scott Ski

imple events often possess the ability to enrich
the tapestry of our lives.  Such is “Dogged…and
Determined”, an anthology of 78 snippets of life;
a crayola box of reminiscences recording the
author’s  true experiences with animal rescue.  
Engaging tales of humor and insight, pathos and
inspiration, they interact with the reader; they
develop a bonding through combination with the
reader’s own experiences. Some of these antics
will bring a knowing smile to those who live with
dogs; a mutual memoir.  For others, it may lend
insight into how our pets profoundly affect us in
ways we often do not realize….

“Dogged…and Determined” is a wondrous real
world where every person, pet and place has
unique personality and significance; where the
simple can profoundly teach the wise, where
tears mingle with laughter and frustration often
brings satisfaction.  A subtle yet strong insightful
viewpoint comes through.  Here exists a wild
stream of adventures where every moment finds
mirth, encouragement and a new experience in
self-discovery.  Come and see. You won’t be

The TAZ Adventures have commanded a global
audience of weekly readers and remained
consistent for over six years.  With over 30 years
of experience with dogs and having conducted
rescue work for nearly a decade, our experience
and boundless positive attitude adds a
refreshing approach to even the most average
situations in life.

All royalties from the sale of this book goes
toward animal rescue and educational efforts.

New and Revised with
Tres stories added!

And a new, lower price.  

The New Version comes
out in Mid November.

You can still order the original Dogged or
the New Dogged.  

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Scott's Classic Misadventures
in Animal Rescue
Dogged and

Look into a world where the simple
teach the wise and tears mix with
laughter.  Observe how frustration can
bring fulfillment.  Glimpse into the
unique personality and significance
that every person, pet and place owns.
Join a wild stream of adventures where
every moment may find mirth,
inspiration and new experiences in self-
discovery.  Come and see...

Scott is our James Herriot for the
new millennium!
“This book is a classic for anyone
who has ever owned a dog or cat.  
You will laugh, you will cry and you
will come away from each story
feeling as if you have been
genuinely enriched.  Scott Ski is the
new James Herriot and I truly
believe his writing will become a
classic.”   ...Art Percival, LA, CA

Dogged and Determined is a “must
own” for animal lovers!
“I've been reading Dogged and
Determined the last few nights,
unable to put the book down until I
could no longer keep my eyes open.  
Ultimately the stories teach us
lessons about life and about the
unique relationship between
animals and humans.  This is a book
that will appeal to anyone who loves
animals.” ...Barb Branham,
Portland, OR

Scott, Robbi, a brace of dogs, a bevy
of cats, humor, pathos, insight are
discovered in a hurricane of
rambunctious foster animals. Follow a
shared experience that weaves a lively
and memorable tapestry readers will
enjoy again and again.  

“I so enjoy reading this book!  I have
started reading it to my Mom over
the phone.  She loves books, but
has retinitis pigmentosa and cannot
read anymore.  Myself and my mom
can relate to, and appreciate the
shenanigans of these dogs!!” ...
Charlton Douglas, Hannahan, SC

This crayola box of reminisces records
true experiences. Some of these tales
and antics will bring a knowing smile to
those who live with dogs; a mutual
memoir. For others, it will lend insight
into the profound manner our pets
affect us in ways we often do not

come and see.  You won't
be disappointed.
Samples of Stories