If you wondered what some of InCite's characters looked like in real life, here is a gallery of images from
the episodes in book 1.
Next to the name is the title of the story in which they appear.                              
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Zhuge Liang (sketch above and statue) -- Demand and Supply / Sleeping Dragon. Dr. William Gorgas -- Working
the Bugs Out. Cleopatra -- On A Roll.   General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses  S. Grant -- Appomattox.
Peg Entwistle -- Height of Fame. Haille Salassie -- Hail the conquering Hero. Sequoia Trees -- Sequoia
Secrets.  George Bernard Shaw -- The Right Word.  
Duck Billed Platypus -- Won't Get Fooled Again. Erik Weihenmeyer -- All the Way to the Top.  Jerzy Kulczyki
-- Leftover Rewards.  Temujin / Genghis Khan -- A Bent Piece of Metal.
Patallacta -- In Plain Sight. War Memorial -- And the Aftermath.  
Baby incubator -- Obvious Intent.